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Re: Online storage


On Fri, Nov 20, 2009 at 07:01:29PM -0600, George De Bruin wrote:
> Just to drop in my two cents...  I've used unison before for working with
> syncing to a USB stick.  It was okay, especially when I only had a couple of
> machines to think about.
> I've recently been thinking about something like DropBox or Ubuntu One, but
> I keep thinking that I would rather have my information in my own control. I
> have some hosted servers that have enough space to handle what I would need
> from Zim (I only have about 1 meg of current data -- but this is likely to
> go up to up to several gig fairly quickly with some of the projects I have
> started on).
> Personally, I prefer a solution that implements something like sshfs or
> rsync+ssh.  I've also considered the idea of using subversion or git over
> ssh...but I don't know that I have a space online that would allow me to set
> up the necessary version repositories.
> However, while a cron job would handle most of the problem extremely well,
> it wouldn't be ideal for all situations: such as laptop(s) / netbook, where
> the sync really needs to happen more "on demand". That's one problem...
> The other problem I've seen with more recent copies of Zim is the way the
> config file is handled now.  Keeping it in ~/.config/zim has just added a
> layer of complication to keeping everything in sync.  (This has "freaked" me
> out a few times when I've synced my files and opened Zim, only to find that
> a new notebook doesn't show up...because I'd neglected to sync the config
> files) It would be nice to allow the user to specify where the configuration
> directory is stored (say via a command line option)...  Why would this help?
> becuase then it would be possible to keep the config info with the notebook
> directories...then it's just one directory to sync, instead of trying to
> remember to sync two locations.
> Okay - enough of that.  Just my two cents.
> George

I also wanted to sync just one directory for Zim that included the
notebooks and config files.  I just moved the existing configuration
directory ( .config/zim ) into my main Zim directory, under which also
live the Zim notebooks.  Then I made a symlink from .config/zim to
that moved config directory.

Or, starting from scratch, if no existing .config/zim and assuming all Zim
notebooks and configuration should live under Zim/ :

ln -s /home/user/Zim/configuration /home/user/.config/zim

/home/user/Zim/ now handles everything related to Zim: data and
configuration, other than the symlink at .config/zim

/home/user/Zim/ is also managed by git, which is synced to a remote server
over SSH with git push.

For first time use on any other PC, I pull the git repository and
recreate the symlink.  Configuration and data are both up-to-date, and
all that is needed for future sync is a git pull.

- Jerome