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Re: Example Notebook...


On Tue, Aug 7, 2012 at 2:02 AM, Chris Miller <cjm@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> There are lots of features that I haven't discovered yet, and I don't know a
> good way to do what I want, although I have no doubt that zim is the tool
> that I think can do what I want.
> Does anybody have an example notebook that they use for journaling daily
> activity which accumulates activity by time and by "nouns" -- meaning
> people, companies, things, maybe places, and so on.  In fact does anybody
> have an example of any well-organized and useful notebook from which I could
> start?
> My thinking is that as I make my daily notes, I will start a page each day,
> so this should create a time sequenced diary.  Then I think I would like to
> have the things I note create pages, and this is where things become vague.
> I frequently organize my activities in "projects", so maybe I need project
> pages and calendar pages?

Yes, you can make two "namespaces", one with calendar pages (use the
calendar plugin for this) and another top level, e.g. "Projects".

An alternative is to use the "tags" plugin and keep everything in the
calendar pages, but use tags to label pages with the projects that are
relevant on that day.

> What I'd like is for my mention of "Ingots of Gold" to create a page with
> that title, and then all subsequent references to hyperlink to this titled
> page, which I presume would have a list of references to "Ingots of Gold"???
> This page should show me the days where I made notes about "Ingots of Gold"
> Is this a reasonable interpretation of what zim can do?  I can see that I am
> assuming some sort of magic auto-hyperlinking, and it is not clear such a
> feature even exists, much less exists but remains undiscovered by me.

There is no auto-linking for arbitrary words. However there is an
option to use CamelCase links. So if you write "IngotsOfGold" (no
spaces) it will be understood as a link and an empty page is shown in
the index by this name. This is a strategy used by many wikis.

Also page names with ":" or "+" will be recognize automatically (see
the manual for details).

The alternative is to type links explicitly, e.g. by Control-L to
trigger the dialog.

The list of references is in the "backlinks" menu, either in the
status bar, or the menu item "Search -> Backlinks" or the new plugin
for a side pane (will be included in the next release).

Hope this helps,