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Re: Ubuntu Dash and Zim txt files


On 17 December 2012 12:31, Klaus-Dieter Bauer
<bauer.klaus.dieter@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> An advantage of a likely non-conflicting file-extension like ".zimwiki"
> would be easy cross-platform mime-type handling. Seeing how the mime-type
> issue seems to make a lot of work, isn't it actually a good point to
> re-discuss the extension issue?

That is the mime-type handling part of the argument to change .txt to
something less frequently used.

The other argument is that zim could painlessly be put on top of an
already existing file hierarchy if it hadn't been for the fact that
zim claims posess of all files ending in .txt for its own purpose,
with obvious unwanted side effects as .txt has been used for text
files of other formats than zim markup language.

I searched for .txt in the zim source, and I wonder if it is as simple
as changing the .txt posfixes in the stores/files.py and then do a
batch file rename of .txt files in all existing zim notebooks?
The fact that the file extension is hardcoded to .txt is actually a
TODO in the stores/files.py.