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Re: Footnotes - any workarounds? future possibility?


​Lord Shiva,

As ​I am the initiator of this discussion I am much concerned with internal
page linking, footnotes and the wonderful zotero.
> What format/syntax should we use?
Is that a coding question? If so I cannot help. But I have much experience
working with coders on interface and usability. If that is relevant let me

I still don't understand about the zotero plugin. You seem here to be
talking about feeding data INTO zotero FROM zim? I can't see the usage
situation there.
I had imagined the plugin might draw data FROM zotero TO zim? That could be
useful - but would need zimfeet (footnotes).
I did have a programmer set up a zotero feed to my website and it needed
API from xotero, and my login there. But yu don't mention that so I must
have misunderstood.

Delighted this is such a friendly team,

Shan aka Kali-ma.

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