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Re: Footnotes - any workarounds? future possibility?


Dear Shan,

The plugin draws data FROM Zotero to Zim. The plugin is not feeding data to
Zotero. It's merely opening the references in Zotero.

And yes, it requires an API plugin to be installed on Zotero. All this is
mentioned on the plugin page.


On 4 April 2018 at 02:35, Shan <shiroise@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> ​Lord Shiva,
> As ​I am the initiator of this discussion I am much concerned with
> internal page linking, footnotes and the wonderful zotero.
> > What format/syntax should we use?
> Is that a coding question? If so I cannot help. But I have much experience
> working with coders on interface and usability. If that is relevant let me
> know.
> I still don't understand about the zotero plugin. You seem here to be
> talking about feeding data INTO zotero FROM zim? I can't see the usage
> situation there.
> I had imagined the plugin might draw data FROM zotero TO zim? That could
> be useful - but would need zimfeet (footnotes).
> I did have a programmer set up a zotero feed to my website and it needed
> API from xotero, and my login there. But yu don't mention that so I must
> have misunderstood.
> Delighted this is such a friendly team,
> Shan aka Kali-ma.

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