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Re: "I'm Quitting": we both overreacted


> Now to you Sergey, I realize you are very passionate about what you do,
> but sometimes you are too passionate about it as well. Cool down, don't
> treaten with you leaving before having a open discussion with everyone, not
> just one person(in this case Dan). Because that surely pissed off the whole
> council, multiple times by now, but I'm sure you are aware of that. And
> actually that's a good thing, if you start to rant about something, we
> really got to take care of it, we know that, and you leaving helps no one
> in that situation.

Thanks, note taken.

I thought started with stating that what I did was over-reacting and I
shouldn't be going anywhere... oh well, hope I'll get a levelup after all
this, then I'll surely invest in communication skill!

> I can tell you that 4 of the 7 techniques you are listing there are fully
> underway, and have been even since before we got our rebranding by Ian Hex,
> we already compiled Lists of what we want to have in our Store that will be
> in the new Site when Luna launches, we plan on doing a Kickstarter(with a
> surprise for all of you, I'm not going to tell it right now because we
> decided to keep it a secret, sorry), when we actually have something to
> give to people.

IMHO what we need is a fundraising campaign for reoccurring donations
instead of the one-time fundraising Kickstarter provides. Heck, I forgot to
list my personal opinion on the doc, it's too structured for that XD

> We did give all of this a lot of thought and actually dedicated quite some
> council meetings to this, and when we have a final solution, or call it
> concept, that we really want to pursue, we'll surely let you know.

Okay, cool, does this mean me and other devs are still out of the
decision-making process? Blast.

> My opinion on this is Why not go with both? You hugely back the Free but
> donate then model, but to be honest it didn't bring much money into our
> bags, people even kept asking where to donate, even though it was right on
> the Front page.

It's not the model which is the problem here (though I'm not quite fond of
this model). The issues you list have to do more with design/usability
(making the donation option discoverable, but not intrusive, and showing it
at the right time), PR or marketing or whatever it's called (presenting the
contribution option in a way that makes the user want to contribute;
describing how the contribution will benefit the product and therefore the
user, adding a website badge for donors, etc) and organization (the type of
donation to request; one-time vs reoccuring, etc).

> The pay what you want Model will be a great fit for this project, if you
> believe it or not, people are willing to pay for good software, no matter
> if before or after, we should consider making the experience to do so the
> main problem of this discussion, not the when.

The "model" we have now is also "pay what you want", by definition. And all
options listed in the doc are too. In fact, the only options that are not
"pay what you want" are disallowing donations and setting a fixed price,
which are obviously not going to be used, so I cannot disagree with you
Still, it seems to me that the "when" is of dire importance, though it may
be considered a part of the experience problem.

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff