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Re: Reoccurring tasks blueprint


Hi everybody,

sorry for not responding for 3 weeks, I was busy with releasing GTG 0.2.9 and then with my studies :-(

I've looked at Google Calendar and how TaskCoach handles reoccurring tasks. I think they found a good trade off between complexity of UI and what you can do with it. (Look at the attached screenshots.)

It might work this way:
Take the approach of vova (vovkkk) : you have a button which opens a dialog with settings of repeated tasks.

The dialog will be based on Google Calendar repeat dialog. There would be a "scenario" option represented as a combobox at the top. The basic would be "none" for normal tasks. You can then choose daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. We can decide which scenarios we would like to have and which options we would like to have (each scenario could have different options)

For each scenario, there would be an option if we want to create a new task just after completing the previous instance or based on the creation of previous instance. Example: I have a task which repeats every Monday, but I complete it after a week and half (I am totally lazy person!). In the former case, a new task instance is created immediately after completing the previous one and scheduled for the next Monday. In the later case, a new task instance is created every Monday regardless if I completed the previous instance(s) or not.

(I still don't have a clear opinion about the label for that option.)

I guess we should drop the support for exceptions from reoccurring. Not many won't use that, the only way how to manage them would be to have a list of exceptions (it would be the most of time empty!). If the user would like to have it, she can import her calendar through a calendar backend which will support all features of repeating.

In tag side bar, there would be created a new list of "tasks": templates for reoccurring tasks. When a new instance is created, the task is copied from its template. It would mean that you can work with instances as you want, the task is reoccurring until it is deleted from templates. If the task should have just limited instances (5 times, until Feb 29), the template would be self-deleted after creating the last instance.

What do you say about this proposal? There are still many details to solve. This outline should cover the most use cases.

I am looking forward to your critic and feedback!


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