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Re: Re: Would anyone else like English comments?


jean-pierre.charras@... wrote:
> I understand problems created by French comments.
> (Although French language is very easy to learn: I was talking French 
> when I was 3 years old only... :-) (this was a long time ago) )
> About automatic translation comments from French to English:
> when the translation is reasonably good (understandable) : the old 
> French comments can be removed.
> but I am thinking some translated comments will be understandable,
> because the automatic translation has limited (and sometimes very 
> curious) results,
> and also because comments are sometimes in a short form, they can be 
> difficult to translate.
> So for such cases, send me a mail, I'll translate these comments


Thanks for the help. I'll review the translations from Mateusz or using
his translation program and I'll forward the original comments that
don't translate well to English as required. I hope that there are not
too many of these. I suggest we translate one file at a time until we
get a good idea of how much manual translation is required so we don't
get overwhelmed. If there are minimal manual translations, we can
increase the number translated files per patch.


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