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Re: library structure


I got burned by the doc-file deal tonight. I had an x-session crash - kicad started up again, but I had to recreate the dcm file. (There is a bck file, but by the time I remembered about the dcm file mess - it was also corrupt.)

This is reliving some painful history of my PADsPCB days in the early '80s. PADs always had to load things from the library every time the project file was loaded. If you changed something for a new schematic, it would toast your old ones. Kicad thankfully doesn’t do this except for the case of the dcm file. To really back up a project, the way it now stands, one has to remember to back up the dcm file at the end of a project, as it is part of the library! This makes creating a transportable design project rather broken!

As for how this SHOULD work - my 2 cents worth.

The doc file (without the path) should be stored in the 'Datasheet' field.

There needs to be a gadget to select this file and if the file is not in one of the search paths, it should get copied to the project directory. When loading the schematic, it checks for the doc-files in the search paths.

The Title-bar heading for the properties dialog should say "Symbol Properties" and then it would be clear that the Description_tab/description describes the symbol - not the part (likewise with the keywords).

I don't think the footprint filter belongs with this symbol dialog either - should be moved to an attribute field.

I don't use a 'stuff file' - I don't run CVpcb - in my mind, when I fill in the foot-print attribute field, it becomes a part - adding the data sheet, manufactures numbers etc are all part of that.

I would change the "Fields properties" title to "Part Attributes".)

eeschema should have a pointer-right-click call "Update Part" that has a flyout with two options - From Library, and To Library.

Should there be a dedicated field to point to SPICE models?

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