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Re: Strange eeschema behavior at zoom 0.7


I was thinking this ugly workaround was working.
>> But you are right, there are many zoom values that do not work (I did not noticed these values).
>> I'll work on it these newt days.
>> If you find a better fix before I find a working workaround, please commit it.
> Require a wxWidgets version that works?  Seems especially do-able on MS
> Windows, where the builder person can pick what wxWidgets version to compile
> (the *required* version.)
> So based on my limited information, a path to success on MS Windows is to
> fix what else is wrong with wxWidgets 2.9.x, and get THIS zoom fix for free.
> Since the MS Windows builder person has to compile the wxWidgets library, it
> can be patched before compiling quite easily, as a means of fixing the other
> issues.
> My $ 0.02

If it were easy to do a static link of Kicad to a debug build of the
wxWidgets library, then:

If so, a person could step into the library from Kicad and maybe see what's
up with the floating point comma issue.  That seems like a patch or fix that
needs to happen in any case.


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