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Re: Scripting build on Windows


On 26 October 2012 10:20, Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo <miguelangel@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks for your effort Brian,
>     Not sure if it's possible to remove the Cairo dependency in wxPython may
> be it's worth trying.
>    In the other hand, I had some usage planned for Cairo (like SVG
> rendering, which could be *cool* when we wanted to build web services based
> in pcbnew libraries or similar, for example).
>   What do you think? :)

As far as I know wxPython should be exposing the wxWidgets API to
python. As such I don't see it getting merged into the main source
tree if it brings a Cairo dependency with it. I'm not sure why it
would have this dependency.

The GAL project
still rumbles on which will provide a much needed Graphics Abstraction
Layer to KiCad. This means that Cario or Open-GL or ... can be used
for the graphics backend, but more importantly it doesn't lock us in
to a single backend. It's an important project and Torsten and Dick
appear to have done a lot of work on it. It'll be very exciting to see
the fruits of that work when it's merged in.

So I don't think KiCad should have a Cario dependency directly. I will
change the wxPython setup.h file tonight and build without cairo for
Windows and we'll see how it goes.

Best Regards, Brian.

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