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Re: Scripting build on Windows


What I see from the 50,000 ft. view:

a) KiCad for windows is best built with a 2.9.x wx.

b) we really are only trying to achieve support for "the windows user compiling KiCad",
since that is what we change and control, KiCad source code.   (Let's remember that the
linux user is not having to build python or wxPython, unless he wants to use a version of
wx different from what is in the package repo.  So why ask a Windows user to build
wxPython or python?)

c) This leads to the conclusion that *if* the "stock" wxPython for windows, or python for
windows for that matter do not dovetail nicely with our required version of wx (i.e.
2.9.x), then an option worthy of consideration is to simply supply those two (wxPython and
python) in binary from a download site, in a form compatible with our required wx version,
rather than KiCad windows users/builders/people having to build them (wxPython and
python).   This c) has an "if" statement in it, please don't miss that.   Retained is the
windows user's ability to compile KiCad, but only KiCad, i.e. b).