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Creating schematics and pcb is not my job. The guy who used to do them in my company has retired now. Few weeks ago, I had to design a very small board (2 components !). I spent a lot of time to find out how to create a footprint. I was about to call my retired colleague when I finally found how to do it.

I think there are two scenarios :
- Passive components : You insert resistors and capacitors in your schematics. When you place/route your board, you select which package you want to use (1206, 0805, 0603...) - Others : More often, when you create a component in the library, you are stuck to a package. Of course, you can have a chip that fits in different packages keeping the same pin layout (logic devices for example). But more often, now, when you change the package, you also change the pin layout. So, if you change the package when placing/routing, you also have to design a new component in the library. In this case, creating and assigning a component footprint when creating the component schematic library is a good idea.

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