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Re: Mac OSX build, with scripting, codename "wife"


On 03/11/2013 08:25 AM, Adam Wolf wrote:
> Miguel,
> I only know about Blender/Python on Windows.
> I think site-packages (dist-packages on Debian/Ubuntu) might be the
> right way to do it.  Put the python modules in a place that's
> already on the PYTHONPATH that package managers already expect folks
> to put modules into.  The idea of having an environment variable to
> tell CMake another place to put it is great, but I think
> site-packages is a sane default.

I know of no python programmers named root.

No thanks.  My name is also not root.

So on my system, this would be considered extremely inconvenient.  I'd
like to actually be able to edit the scripts.  If the intention is to
make them not editable, then we should write them in C++ and compile them.

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