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Re: Python Scripting on Windows with KiCad-Winbuilder


On 5 August 2013 00:51, Adam Wolf <adamwolf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> This is a minor aside.  What's all involved in including a custom cmake
> module in a project?  I fixed FindPythonLibs and another Python module for
> cmake a few months ago, because right now those two stock modules don't
> work on Fedora or Ubuntu--which means building Kicad on those platforms is
> trickier than you'd expect.
> They said my patches look fine, and they'd be glad to accept them--as soon
> as they get a python maintainer for all of Cmake.
> Adam Wolf
> Wayne and Layne, LLC
Hi Adam,

FindPythonLibs and FindPythonInterp cmake modules are both now modified and
under the KiCad/CMakeModules directory.

Can you point me to your patches on the Kitware dev list or a bug you filed
or something? I can do the work to merge in the changes for you.

Otherwise, you can create a patch against the current code that
incorporates your changes and email them to the KiCad-Developers list.

The plan to get the changes incorporated for the Python-a-mingw-us changes

To see if there are any outstanding bugs against building Python projects
with CMake on/for Windows. If there are no bugs filed, I'll file a new one
with a test failure case that uses a FILE* object.

I can then send our FindPythonLibs and FindPythonInterp changes as a fix
using the Python-a-mingw-us project. PythonLibs should not detect the
standard python libs when compiling with MINGW.

Best Regards, Brian.