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Re: 5.1


On 10/23/18 3:00 PM, Seth Hillbrand wrote:
> The issues were asserts, missing icons and a crash on exit.  I tracked
> it down to a wx module that was loaded by pip in my user cache from when
> I was testing gtk3 builds.  Yay, python.  Removing it cleared all issues.

Indeed it sounds like gtk2/gtk3 conflict, but I have good news: I fixed
the mirrored title block printing. I have also changed CMakeLists.txt,
so now it selects the same toolkit for wxWidgets and wxPython. When
scripting is disabled and only wxWidgets is linked then the default
toolkit is used. Now the problems caused by gtk2/gtk3 conflicts should
be gone. I think there is only one GTK3-specific issue left [1].

I have not pushed my changes yet, as there are two patches hanging in
the air that touch the same area that I have modified: one from Wayne to
verify wxPython.h, second one from Thomas Pointhuber to support Phoenix.
I came last to the party, so I am willing to rebase my changes once the
other changes are applied.

> We can currently choose the wx version we link against using
> -DwxWidgets_CONFIG_OPTIONS="--toolkit=gtk2".  I'd prefer to retain that
> ability rather than having Cmake try to figure it out.  Maybe we make
> that option more user-friendly?

Do you mean a CMake flag? I have nothing against it.


1. https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1786515

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