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Re: Latest info on copper zones using solid polygons without outline thickness.


On 05/06/2019 21:21, jp charras wrote:

> It is on the master branch (just committed).

Hi JP,

I gave it a try with a bunch of designs. Here are my observations:
- The filled zones look correct on the super-complex board and the
number of unconnected nets is identical to the old algorithm.
- There's a serios issue: connectivity algo can generate false positives
(thinking zones are connected to tracks or other zones) because is still
assumes all zones have thick outlines (see CN_ZONE::ContainsPoint). Did
you foresee any means of indicating this in the file format? Should
Gerber/other exporters be changed accordingly?
- I would rephrase the board setup zone filling option choice - it's the
max approximation error that defines the drawing quality, not the fact
that zones are outlined with rounded segments. My choice for the option
would be a single option "Use legacy zone filling outline method", off
by default.
- @Wayne/Seth I agree with JP that the change to the zone filling
algorithm is not very intrusive (and I also trust Clipper's
inflate/erode algorithms - they're used in the current zone filler and
never failed us so far).

I can fix the connectivity issue. Who's in for Gerber/other exporters
(if needed?)


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