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Re: Minimum Boost version


Hello Wayne,

Am 23.10.19 um 18:43 schrieb Wayne Stambaugh:
> I thought most Linux distros packaged software in accordance with the
> preferred packaging requirements for each distro.  It used to be the
> case that distros frowned upon externally build packages because there
> was always the distinct possibly that they would break something in ways
> that were difficult to resolve.  I was not aware that this attitude has
> changed.  Too be honest, I would rather the distros build KiCad
> according to their requirements.  I would think the manpower for us to
> provide packages for every linux distro would be overwhelming.

at least my experience on this topic is that some upstream projects are
doing are really bad job on building their software for various Linux
distributions from a quality POV regarding the the packaging
requirements. And further more the feedback from the upstream projects
you will get if you point out problems is from "Thank you very much." to
"We don't care your comments".

I've seen packaged software that is breaking the distro they are
packaged for but also high quality packages which mostly could be easily
included in the distribution from the QA point.

Some upstream are scared if you asked them if they don't want put their
packages into the official distribution packaging process because they
think they are not good enough, other say they don't have the manpower
for doing this on a longer time base.

What always is helping is to get and stay in touch with the Linux
distributions because they know not only their (packaging) requirements
best. OTOH packaging is a technical thing mostly and the packagers don't
know every detail of the software they are packaging, here it is really
helpful if upstream maintainer can help. And members of the distro can
help regarding planned release time spans for their releases.

Carsten Schoenert