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Re: GitLab migration


ma 25. marrask. 2019 klo 20.11 Mark Roszko (mark.roszko@xxxxxxxxx)

> > I don't have, or want, a cell phone (or any Google account).
> You do not need a cell phone. You can use a computer based TOTP supporting
> authentication app such as Authy or FOSS KeePassXC (
> https://keepassxc.org/screenshots/)

It's also possible to use a USB dongle. A handy KiCad hacker makes one
him/herself, of course :)


How about designing, making and selling KiCad 2fa dongles to support the
development? Releasing it as OSHW of course, like the one mentioned in the
tomsguide article.

Eeli Kaikkonen