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Re: Plugin/3rd party content manager


ke 27. marrask. 2019 klo 1.51 Seth Hillbrand (seth@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) kirjoitti:

> After the initial
> ideas and implementation are documented, it will go to the lead
> developers first to ensure everyone agrees with the plan and course of
> action.  After that, it will be published on the list for open comments.
>   This ensures we conserve time and effort.
OK, let's see.  I'm just not sure about what can be an "initial" idea or
implementation and what is such a detail which should be discussed only
afterwards. After all, I have done some experimentetation and have noticed
both high-level principles and lower level implementation related things.
Sometimes it's difficult to separate them.

> If there are any python developers who would like to contribute code to
> the KiCad codebase and are looking for how to do that, please contact
> me.  There's lots of Python work to be done.  I'm happy to help provide
> an introduction to that code and some structure for how to address a
> number of existing wishlist items that require Python.
Feel free to contact me through email or otherwise. Although I'm not really
a python developer any more than a C++ developer (I have done some of
both), in this context I'm personally more interested in getting the python
part of KiCad forward.

Eeli Kaikkonen

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