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Re: Plugin/3rd party content manager


On 11/27/19 1:19 AM, Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:
Feel free to contact me through email or otherwise. Although I'm not really a python developer any more than a C++ developer (I have done some of both), in this context I'm personally more interested in getting the python part of KiCad forward.

One great way for non-developers to contribute would be in the documentation part of the Python interface.  Since you are conversant in both C++ and Python, you would be a great person to write up explicit documentation on where Python ties into the KiCad codebase and how to implement features.  This is sorely lacking and exists as a bit of cross-over between the user-side and the developer side.

Orson's talk at KiCon was extremely popular for exactly this reason: it was a well-designed how-to that provided a missing introduction at the designer level.


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