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Re: GitLab migration


On 26/11/2019 21:54, Seth Hillbrand wrote:
On 2019-11-26 12:41, Jeff Young wrote:
OK, I’ve enabled 2FA.  Do I need to do something to get added back to
the project?  (When I go to members, all I see are the bot, Seth and

Hi Jeff-

Wayne and the bot have permissions for the entire project.  I'm there
while sorting out the transition work.  Coding permissions are specific
to https://gitlab.com/kicad/code/ .  Library permissions are specific to
https://gitlab.com/kicad/libraries/ , etc.

If you'd like push permissions in libraries, you'll want to check with
Rene.  I think Nick or Marek will be managing the website section
(someone fill me in).  I'll also need to know who to assign to managing
the documentation section (Nick also?).  Once I get the packaging
section set up, we'll have folks in charge of their relative builds that
we can run through the GitLab CI runner interface.



well it seems i do not have access to the group either.

As a sidenote, i am unable to use 2FA with my current phone (too old).

So i hope this is not a requirement for continuing to work for the kicad team.

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