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Re: Correction and control


On Mon, 2010-05-31 at 22:40 +0200, Ask Hjorth Larsen wrote:
> On Mon, May 31, 2010 at 2:44 PM, Yaron Shahrabani <sh.yaron@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> (...)
> > You'll have to trust me on this, nobody cares...
> > Ubuntu translators are monitored but all the others just don't pay
> > attention, its related to the Israeli mentality and I don't think I have
> > enough resources to fight it

> I think the psychology here is a bit different.  People are always
> lazy and won't read the instructions (unless they are very short)
> until explicitly asked - but that's not really the big deal. 

I am not going to create personas[1] based on culture or the place where
they were born. I prefer to think that people are lazy, rather than
people living on Moon are lazy.

> The real
> issue is that you rarely get very good by reading instructions,
> *compared* to how good you get by knowing exactly what you did wrong
> and what should be done to get it right.
> In lots of cases it is possible to make a mistake without realizing
> that it is one of the cases mentioned in the documentation.  Therefore
> it is important to have effective per-string communication *and* good
> guidelines.  Since a reviewer had to change the string anyway, it's
> not much trouble to write a short notice to the translator about why
> the string was changed - this is really what we need, I think.

As far as I know, the feature to add a comment to a translation is taken
into consideration for future implementation (as this is also a common
feature in gettext).

Discussing a translations is an "advance feature" and the plan is to
provide a Launchpad Translation API and allow the interaction with
external tools in order to solve all advance features and workflows.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persona_(marketing)

Adi Roiban