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Re: plymouth


Le dimanche 03 octobre 2010 à 10:58 +0200, Leszek Lesner a écrit :
> Just remove plymouth and rebuild initrd would work. But I think you
> mean
> in the building process of the ISO. (btw. is it anywhere documented ?)
My main concerns are the hard depend on plymouth for minimal ubuntu
seeds, and maybe the need to touch conf files. But I didn't look at it
closely, maybe it's easier :)

> > Anyway, it's something we could discuss for the next release.
> >   
> Before complete removing it I would suggest simply to activate the
> text-plugin instead of the graphics intense animated image splash.
> This one works without drm so even proprietary drivers would display
> the
> same text-output as their free counterparts.
> I have experience in ZevenOS-Neptune with it and it works fine on
> every
> pc even the very old ones.
I don't think it will solve the stability problem. Even if it's the text
theme, it's still plymouth. 

Anyway, it's something to study before eventually doing it :)

Julien Lavergne