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Re: Suggestion: Move these apps from "Preferences" to "System Tools" (submenus or not)


On 02/12/2011 04:32 AM, Jean-Pierre Vidal Piesset wrote:

> 2011/2/11 Jonathan Marsden <jmarsden@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> For me at least, if everything would be merged into one only sub-menu
> i would know where to do something that normally i won't use every
> day of my normal use of a computer. So, in favor of space

There is really no "space" issue, since there is one "System" item at
the first level of menus, in either case.

> and practicity i'm with Julien on this. It would remind me a little
> of XP wich honestly, was good.

Let's try an example.  Time and Date settings.  In XP, in a default
install, you need to do

  Start -> Control Panel -> "Date, Time, Language and Regional Options"
  -> Change the Date and Time

Four clicks (with a nasty multi-second delay for the Control Panel app
to appear, on a slow PC with low RAM!  Oh, and then you have to close
the Control Panel again when you are done).  In Lubuntu, with my
currently proposed menus, you would do

Bird -> System -> Administration -> Time and Date

Also four clicks, but no long delay between them, and no "control panel"
needing to be closed afterwards :)

Also, the original submitter of the bug report for this bug (LP bug
#650432) just commented:

  thank you very much. I have changed the file and I am
  perfectly satisfied. I hope this will become the default
  for the distribution?

So he's happy with it as is, it would seem :)

If Julien wants to change it to remove the submenus, fine, I won't fight
that, it's not that important to me.  If someone tells me this is OK as
it is, I'll happily create a bzr branch for lubuntu-default-settings to
be merged.  Actually I may do that anyway, and Julien can then either
accept it or reject it.


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