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Re: Minimum and recommended RAM to install Lubuntu Trusty


2014-03-27 19:13, brendanperrine@xxxxxxxxx skrev:
> I have been able to browse with 4 to 5 tabs open on firefox with 512 mb
> ram with trusty on a pentium 4 with integrated graphics. Also have we
> tested how much ram if you need to upgrade a system running 13.10
> through update manager or through the command line with  sudo do release
> ugrade. I got sudo do release upgrade to work with 512 mb or ram to
> trusty from saucy.

Hi Brendan,

This is good information. It seems 512 MB RAM is a sweet point for
Lubuntu Trusty too.

What is your idea about how detailed it should be (the paragraph about
system requirements), and what should be on a sub-page?

Best regards