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Re: MariaDB + PBXT


Hi Stewart & Kristian,

I was not aware of this bit of magic! :)

So to correct this I will have to redo the integration of PBXT is into MariaDB.

I think it would also be best if I redid the integration of PBXT into the Drizzle/PBXT tree because some of the merges have been done manually, so the history is missing.

Or would I get the same effect if I just followed Stewart's procedure and merged over the pbxt files that already exist (in the MariaDB and Drizzle/PBXT trees)?

Best regards,


On May 11, 2009, at 7:17 AM, Stewart Smith wrote:

On Thu, May 07, 2009 at 02:18:02PM +0200, Kristian Nielsen wrote:
I thought a bit more about the issues of merging PBXT (and later XtraDB)
changes into MariaDB. I would like to understand better how to do it.

The main bzr repositories of both PBXT and XtraDB contain just the storage engine, and have no common history. So as I understand it, I cannot just pull in the changes using bzr (I tried bzr merge, and got an error due to no common

You can :)

With BZR you can merge two trees without a common ancestor. This is
useful for things like storage engines, file systems, so when they're
merged, you can bring the whole revision history in.

This is how I did it for PBXT and Drizzle:

bzr branch lp:drizzle drizzle-pbxt
bzr branch lp:pbxt pbxt
bzr branch pbxt pbxt-rename
pushd pbxt-rename
mkdir storage/pbxt

Is this correct, or should it be bzr mkdir storage/pbxt?

bzr mv * storage/pbxt/
bzr commit
pushd drizzle-pbxt
bzr merge ../pbxt-rename -r1..-1
(fix up a conflict on storage/ or something... pretty easy, this is just
done so that auto merges happen on file ops in main pbxt)
bzr commit

and then, when mainline pbxt is updated
pushd drizzle-pbxt
bzr merge lp:pbxt

and it magically works.

You cannot, however then merge back from drizzle-pbxt into pbxt - so
either someone has to extract patches and deal with the no-op merge when
coming back or all dev moves to drizzle-pbxt  derived branches.

Since we have two sep trees (MariaDB and Drizzle) both merging in PBXT,
it makes sense for PBXT development to continue in the PBXT tree and
then we can both merge PBXT into our trees from it.

If we get patches and fixes back into the main PBXT tree, then I think
we all live in some magic world of harmony :)

It should also be (relatively) easy for someone to whip up a script that
automatically tests a PBXT commit against current Drizzle and MariaDB.

Hope this helps
Stewart Smith

Paul McCullagh
PrimeBase Technologies

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