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Re: Bug tracker for MariaDB


Just to ask a stupid question first: It seems to me at the moment we
*are* using bugs.launchpad.net/maria as the only bugtracker, aren't

>>>>>> "Vadim" == Vadim Tkachenko <vadim@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Vadim> I think it is critically important to have bugtracker that can be intergrade
> Vadim> with third-part projects (patches, PBXT, XtraDB).
> Vadim> I am asking to seriously reconsider and use Launchpad project. it may be not
> Vadim> convenient in some ways, but it works.
> We have internally just been discussing the possibility to use Eventum
> for a bug tracker as we probably want to use Eventum for other things
> internally in Monty Program Ab anyway.
> The problem with the Launchpad bug system is that it's inferior in
> many aspect to what for example MySQL's bug tracking systems is.
> It's so much extra work that needs to be done to get to this level
> that I don't think that the Launchpad developers will ever do it.

I kind of agree with Monty. I hadn't looked at the launchpad system
this closely before, but it kind of looks like an Apple/Gnome app.
Nice graphics, but minimalistic in functionality :-) It is good if a
tool enforces procedure, which actually the MySQL bug system was good
at: The bug is not just "assigned" to someone, but there is a
reviewer, test lead, documenting, etc... *and* the person actually
fixing the bug. Same for the Status messages

That being said, we should always strive to
 - not reinvent wheel, including not host things ourselves if we don't have to.
 - use popular tools rather than less well known or home-made (Eventum
is used for MySQL, but Bugzilla, Trac etc are generally more popular
so if we enhance them, there is a larger community that benefits.)
 - listen to community input, which seems quite unanimous in this thread

Imho this is a perfect opportunity to engage in some deeper dialogue
here before committing to a non-launchpad solution:

Bryan: You are actually working on this, right? Could you spend 15-30
minutes on a rough requirements list - for *any* bug tracker, starting
from what Monty mentioned:

 - categories needed (we probably don't need a set of categories, but
the ability to define our own, right?)
 - status categories needed
 - fields needed, including "roles" more then "Assigned to"
 - general workflow that must be supported and possibly *enforced* by the tool
 - pingback to bugs.mysql.com (which launchpad *does* have!)

We (bryan, kurt) should then at least ask Canonical for a comment on
our feedback before giving up on them.

Finally, if a non-launchpad solution is needed, we should very briefly
evaluate and explain (to me) the feasibility of Bugzilla and Trac. As
for Trac I have friends in Spain and they use it not only as bug
tracker, but also project management including planning, tracking and
reporting of hours on customer and government funded projects. I
personally wouldn't mind if we ended up using Trac.

Bryan, could you please reply to me if you have time to handle this?
If you were already doing something else, please update me.

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