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Re: Is there a way to see release specific docs for spatial support?


I've got the table compiled here.


Would it be appropriate to add it to the KB?

I was going to put it on our company blog, but since new versions will
bring new features it should probably be a living document somewhere.

The only reason I could think of that it might not be appropriate on the KB
is that I do include the MySQL info too, and I'm not sure if that belongs
on the MariaDB wiki.

Also, two more questions:

   - How long has the Aria database had spatial index support? Since
   MariaDB 5.1?
   - I didn't see docs for X() and Y(), but they were in MySQL since 5.4 so
   I suspect that they're probably in MariaDB too.

Michael Moore

On Sat, May 28, 2016 at 3:57 AM, Ian Gilfillan <ian@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> No, both were introduced in 10.1.2. In most cases, this is the wording
> that is used, and all synonyms are assumed to be introduced at the same
> time. Only in the case of the ST_ synonym being introduced at a different
> time does the text state "... introduced as a synonym in version ...". So
> unless specified, assume in cases like these that both arrived at the given
> version.
> As for deprecated functions, assume they're not unless specified, but it's
> possible something has been overlooked. I know in the past features have
> been deprecated with a small note in the code, and this has never made it
> to the documentation. ConvexHull does not appear to be deprecated though.
> On 28/05/2016 06:53, Michael Moore wrote:
>> Thanks Ian, I've started going through the functions.
>> On https://mariadb.com/kb/en/mariadb/st_convexhull/, the note says
>> "ST_ConvexHull() was introduced in MariaDB 10.1.2" -- per your last
>> email, it sounds like that means that ConvexHull (no ST_) should've been
>> in MariaDB in all versions.
>> Since MySQL didn't add ConvexHull until 5.7.5, I'm wondering if
>>   * I'm misinterpreting that,
>>   * MariaDB really did have ConvexHull since the start
>>   * MySQL's docs are off and it did have it previously
>>   * MariaDB's docs are off and ConvexHull was also added in 10.1.2
>> Also, MySQL 5.7.6 deprecated several functions, including ConvexHull()
>> -- are any functions currently deprecated in MariaDB, and if so, are
>> they noted as such? Or would that come in a future version?
>> Once again, thanks for your help!

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