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Re: On the Code of Conduct


On Mon, Sep 17, 2018 at 11:09 AM, 0xb100d <0xb1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Luke you are spamming (which is worse than trolling)
> posting links to your crowdfunding page.

 ok, so i apologise: and at the same time i feel compelled to point
out three fundamental assumptions that you've made.  (1) you've
assumed that it's a profit-maximising business (2) you've assumed that
it was deliberate and intentional (3) you've assumed that i want
people here to know about that ethical eco-conscious project.

 it was definitely not intentional.  think about this: given the
ferocity of the attacks and the "blaming" that's occurred, do you
*really* imagine that i would want people here to even *know* about
the project(s) that i'm actively working on?  do you think i want
their negativity directed at work that i'm doing?  do you think i want
to risk having them contact people from the project and go, "oh, yeah,
that fucking moron that keeps on attacking our project, yeah he's a
total dick, don't buy anything from him, for god's sake!!!!"

  ... yeah?

 also: it's an ethical eco-conscious project.  i'm not legally
permitted to make a profit on it (not permitted to be directly
associated with a profit-maximising business) during the fulfilment of
the campaign.

 so it most certainly is *not* my intent to have people here even
*know* about that project.  the problem is, i'm barely able to keep up
with the messages, having been caught off-guard by the ferocity and
quantity of peoples' responses (even after having unsubscribed), it's
a ".sig" from gmail, which is often "elided" (hidden), and i forget to
explicitly look for it and remove it.

 so, apologies.

 anyway.  the Titanian's Code of Honour.  let me think for a bit about
what you suggest, out loud so-to-speak.  do i want to start a "blog"
(where i would need to spend time and resources evaluating whether and
how to set one up that complies with the ethical criteria that i set),
with the specific intent and purpose, spending my time and energy, to
write something about the Titanian's Code of Honour for people on the
mimblewimble project to read, posting it here at some point in the
future for them to consider?

 let's consider what the consequences of that would be. after spending
my personal time and energy, taking up my resources to do so when
there was no offer of compensation or reward or incentive (i.e.
causing *me* "harm"), chances are quite high that i would then be
accused once again of "spamming links" (which would cause me "harm"),
or "advertising" (again, "harm" to me), and given that the project
leader and others have been so vocal in "blaming" me, i honestly and
seriously doubt that it would be read, i.e. my time would have been
wasted (no possibility of reward, therefore "harm" done to me by
having my time and resources wasted).

 which is pretty much the definition of violating the Titanian's Code of Honour.

 so a simple thought experiment shows that to do what you suggested
would in fact be highly unethical.  in the current psychological
climate of this project, there would actually be significant harm done
*to me* by taking the action that you suggest.

 now, if on the other hand there had been an offer of financial
compensation, or an apology from the developers indicating that they
really didn't know what had gotten into them, it's like they were
possessed or something and they're really really sorry for the attacks
that they've been carrying out, and won't do it again (etc. etc.),
*then* i would feel that there was a safe environment in which to
actually contribute.

 [ i have to tell you: right now i feel *really* intimidated and
deeply alarmed by the behaviour of people on this list, and in
absolutely NO WAY encouraged to contribute.  would you? ]

 so that alone should be a quite useful demonstration of how the
Titanian's Code of Honour can be applied.


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