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Re: OOC blog stimulation and wiki extension


Le 03/05/2010 04:06, Amos Wenger wrote :
Fabien wrote:
    I think we will start on our current dokuwiki. I can try to prepare
    it shortly, I hope this week ?

Yes, that would be awesome. And then we can migrate the content to the
new website when it's ready.

The namespace is on the road : [http://ooc-lang.org/resources/about]. I've used Markdown syntax, to help the future migration to RoR. Mardown doesn't integrate very well with namespaces but it seems to work as expected. Remember that if we use Markdown here, it won't be a problem to migrate to Restructured Text, as the Pandoc Haskell library can make the translation.

I've seeked on Github, Gitorious, Bitbucket, Sourceforge and Google Code... as I've seen, all the free ooc code is is on Github.

Besides, boundaries between libraries, software and bindings is sometimes ashamed.

There are probably some errors on descriptions, names or on the categories choices; then all comments are welcome. I think we may merge "ooc libraries" and "ooc bindings".