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Re: odoo vertical-medical


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El 06/08/2014 03:40, "Mario Arias" <the.clone.master@xxxxxxxxx> escribió:

> Well, thanks everybody for participating on this topic...
> So far we have:
> We *CAN* use odoo as part of the application name, with official blessing
> from Fabien.  It *doesn't mean* *we* *HAVE TO*, but so far I haven't read
> any good and solid reason to not do so (besides some "what if" future
> scenarios... )
> In this regard, I also favor trying to keep aligned with S.A.'s marketing
> campaigns and branding, as we should be joining efforts instead of pulling
> in different directions, but that is just my (naive/optimistic) opinion...
>   ;-)
> We now need please some specific inputs from the *OCA board *to move
> forward:
> Is medical part of OCA or not?  I would say yes, as it even has its own
> page on the OCA website... http://odoo-community.org/project/15
> and also on the OCA github project...
> https://github.com/OCA/vertical-medical
> If so, is it possible to stay in OCA using as technical name medical, but
> calling the vertical odoo medical ?
> If not, then we will need to relocate the project, and start this process
> again between all those willing to collaborate...
> Based on the answers to these two questions, we as a community  will be
> ready to start naming all the different odoo verticals hosted in OCA, and
> create the corresponding logos..
> My personal opinion again... I don't understand why avoid using odoo, if
> some of OCA's goals read "promote the use of the Odoo solution, facilitate
> synergies, collaborations..."
> How omitting odoo in the name helps to reach those goals ??  it is even
> part of the name of the association!!
> If tomorrow, or in ten years, S.A. goes evil (I still don't get why this
> is a recurring topic in the community by the way)   wouldn't it be the same
> work as anyways the whole association name would need to change its name ??
> Regards,
> -Mario
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