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Re: odoo vertical-medical


Well, thanks everybody for participating on this topic...

So far we have:
We *CAN* use odoo as part of the application name, with official blessing
from Fabien.  It *doesn't mean* *we* *HAVE TO*, but so far I haven't read
any good and solid reason to not do so (besides some "what if" future
scenarios... )
In this regard, I also favor trying to keep aligned with S.A.'s marketing
campaigns and branding, as we should be joining efforts instead of pulling
in different directions, but that is just my (naive/optimistic) opinion...

We now need please some specific inputs from the *OCA board *to move

Is medical part of OCA or not?  I would say yes, as it even has its own
page on the OCA website... http://odoo-community.org/project/15
and also on the OCA github project...

If so, is it possible to stay in OCA using as technical name medical, but
calling the vertical odoo medical ?
If not, then we will need to relocate the project, and start this process
again between all those willing to collaborate...

Based on the answers to these two questions, we as a community  will be
ready to start naming all the different odoo verticals hosted in OCA, and
create the corresponding logos..

My personal opinion again... I don't understand why avoid using odoo, if
some of OCA's goals read "promote the use of the Odoo solution, facilitate
synergies, collaborations..."
How omitting odoo in the name helps to reach those goals ??  it is even
part of the name of the association!!

If tomorrow, or in ten years, S.A. goes evil (I still don't get why this is
a recurring topic in the community by the way)   wouldn't it be the same
work as anyways the whole association name would need to change its name ??


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