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Re: Windows Live SkyDrive support


That is a big worry – which is why I think any Passport/SkyDrive client code should be broken out if I can get it to even slightly work.

It’s also why I’d like to be able use generated classes etc than hard-coded XML for the SOAP message, easier to update.


I managed to get the XML string from JAXB, turned out to be fairly easy.

                JAXBContent jxbCon = JAXBCOntext.newInstance(JAXB-GENERATED-CLASS-INSTANCE.class);

                StringWriter sw = new StringWiter();

                Marshaller m = jxbCon.createMarshaller();

                m.marshal(JAXB-GENERATED-CLASS-INSTANCE, sw);


                sw.toString();  // ß The magic bit J


I also have Reslet calling my custom Passport authenticator, so hopefully I can get that to work based on the dotNet code.  Although there is almost no documentation to follow.


Progress is slow and painful, but there is progress.