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Re: Tomdroid 0.4.0 released!


OK, I have worked out the problem, and pushed a branch for merging which
resolves it. Description from that branch:
The Snowy API has a "guid" element for each note. Although you'd think
that this was a UUID, and indeed Tomboy always generates these items as
UUIDs, Ubuntu One doesn't (for notes created *at* Ubuntu One), and the
spec doesn't actually require it. So, this branch patches Tomdroid to
not require UUID format for guids; they're just strings.

This branch also moves the lib/ folder to libs/. This means that the
default ant setup for building Android projects can find the external
libs. What this actually means is that you can build Tomdroid without
using Eclipse at all. Simply do "android update project -p ." inside the
Tomdroid branch, and then "ant debug" to make a debug build. This should
make things easier for people (like me) who don't like Eclipse :-)

Branch is at lp:~sil/tomdroid/handle-non-guid-note-ids.

This resolves all problems, and Tomdroid now syncs perfectly with my
notes in Ubuntu One. Hooray!


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