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Re: Tomdroid 0.4.0 released!


On Sun, Oct 10, 2010 at 4:38 PM, Stuart Langridge
<stuart.langridge@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> OK, I have worked out the problem, and pushed a branch for merging which
> resolves it. Description from that branch:
> ----------------------------
> The Snowy API has a "guid" element for each note. Although you'd think
> that this was a UUID, and indeed Tomboy always generates these items as
> UUIDs, Ubuntu One doesn't (for notes created *at* Ubuntu One), and the
> spec doesn't actually require it. So, this branch patches Tomdroid to
> not require UUID format for guids; they're just strings.

Furthermore, at load time Tomboy learns the guid by looking at the
.note filename, which could be edited by the user even though we
discourage it.  Thus, the guid field could really be any arbitrary
string as long as it's unique in the collection.

In the upcoming 1.1 version of the API, I would like to put some
restrictions on at least the length of the guid.  Snowy currently
assumes a max length of 36, which is not really correct either, but is
at least compatible with notes generated by U1.  Making that a firm
part of the spec in 1.1 should make things easier for DB-based note


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