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Re: Too early for ToriOS to change its path


On Tue, August 7, 2018 6:25 am, Israel wrote:
> yeah I looked at his editor, and it is the tutorial from FLTK just
> modified slightly.  But as it is it wouldn't compile.  I guess I could do
> the same, and make a text editor using the code form the Tutorial as well.

Don't know if that's what I tried, but whatever I ran did build from
source.  Looked like a basic editor.  There were a few at that site.

I keep wanting to use the scintilla widget from SciTE to create a text
editor.  There's an editor for Fox Toolkit that uses it.  There's even an
ncurses editor that uses it.  Someone tried to connect Scintilla with FLTK
but it wasn't a portable implementation (think it was Windows only).

> I have thought about making a default theme for FLTK, but my main
> concern is to make things really consistent. 

Think that would be great.  The FLTK developers seem interested in adding
new themes and finding ways to make it easier to get the new themes added
to the code.

> JWM is not completely capable of doing this. 

Just recently saw an old post on the Puppy forum about someone adding some
features to JWM and looking into adding support for SVG icons using
nanosvg.  Don't know how far they got on the project though.

> There is only a GuI for the xpdf I am familiar with.  Is xpdf the name
> of a library as well?  because there is an xpdf (X11-pdf) that uses the
> Xlibs to draw the window, etc..

Looked up xpdf on the Debian site and it seemed to indicate this was the
xpdf client front end and it was now using the poppler library (fork of
xpdf) instead of xpdf itself as the backend.

I would recommend looking into using mupdf.  It includes lightweight X11
and OpenGL/GLFW front ends.  There are other viewers like zathura that
offer alternative backends (poppler or mupdf libraries).  Mupdf does not
have as many features as poppler or xpdf.  So, if you need more than a
basic PDF viewer, stick with poppler.  However, mupdf renders faster and
is more responsive (especially on older systems).  So, if a basic PDF
viewer (and ebook reader and cbz viewer and picture viewer) is enough,
mupdf is a good alternative.  xpdf and poppler are written in C++ while
mupdf is written in C and designed for efficiency.  There are some web
sites with rendering statistics that compare performance between poppler
and mupdf.  They all show mupdf as performing better.

Best wishes.

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