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Re: How to query the type of device in use?


W dniu 14.08.2014 o 13:25, Zygmunt Krynicki pisze:
Out of curiosity, what should unity 8 do, when I plug my tablet to my
screen, with the tablet display? Turn it off? Display a "look at the
monitor" message? Has this aspect been designed?

Whatever you want it to. And more than that, whatever you wanted it to the last time you connected it.

It's just an external screen. Ultimately you can use touch on tablet while having the second screen work in TV mode. You could start a remote control app on the tablet that would control what's happening on the TV, or potentially even have the two work separately, assuming you'd have input that could be bound to one or the other.

As for whether it's been designed... It's been thought of, nothing's spec'ed out properly or set in stone yet.

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