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Re: Landing team 13.08.15


On Fri, Aug 14, 2015 at 12:27 PM, Łukasz 'sil2100' Zemczak <lukasz.zemczak@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Well... that's the *theory*, but in practice it's sadly a bit more
problematic ;)

As we say in physics: in theory there's no difference between theory and practice; in practice, there is.

That being said, we discussed all this slightly in our landing team
meeting and also partially with the product team today. There is no
definite decision yet, but what we'll think of doing is actually
including at least flo to the list of community devices we'll try
promoting on every main update. We won't be doing all the regression
tests on it, but do something similar to what we do for mako - make sure
that it passes sanity tests. So I suppose this way flo users would be
able to use the rc/stable channels for their convenience.

Do images in the rc channel have equivalents in the rc-proposed channel? If so, someone (and I'll volunteer to be someone) could run the images that would have been promoted on flo and see how they would have worked. If most of them mostly work, we could be someone confident about this plan. If there are significant problems, then it might not be such a great idea. Obviously, past performance is no guarantee of future results, but it might help with the decision.