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Re: ubuntu one


Lets be clear about this - caldav/carddav sync has been asked about, pleaded, requested for the better part of 2 years now. The response has generally been in the realm of "we have Google, why bother?"

42 people in the last 12 hours have marked 'me too' on this bug frmo BQ about caldav/carddav support - https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/1566260 97 previously have marked this one (owncloud sync): https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1199774

There have been multiple requests to help get this working - obviously it's not easy for the community to do otherwise it would have been done. This is an area where help and support from Canonical devs is needed.

I'm aware that there are higher priorities, and will be for some time. I don't think everything should be dropped and this made a priority. I do think that at the least this feature needs to be on a roadmap - 3, 6 months - it doesn't really matter. What matters here is acknowledgement from canonical that this is important, and is in the works.

Perhaps you could outline a few steps that community members like myself could take in order to push this long?//How would you suggest we 'document what is missing and necessary for such a feature to work'? I haven't been developing the contact/calendar sync, and am not familiar with how Buteo works. Perhaps some kindly Canonical dev could explain what needs to happen in order to get this feature implemented, in enough detail that community devs are able to work their way around it.


On 06/04/16 01:25, Rodney Dawes wrote:
Please don't start a spamming campaign as a way to try and force
something to be implemented. It is not the right way to get features
implemented, or bugs fixed. All you will do is keep pushing other
threads of discussion, which may possibly be more important, out of
view for others.

If you want to help, then document what is missing and necessary for
such a feature to work, submit patches, etc…

On Tue, 2016-04-05 at 22:04 +1000, Mitchell Reese wrote:
Added. This seems to sum up the issue nicely - what about reposting
this to this list every week, until Canonical shows some movement on
this? A roadmap for this feature would be nice...


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