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Re: Notifications are annoying when typing in the upper right corner of a window


Il giorno mar, 02/06/2009 alle 09.26 -0700, Mike Rooney ha scritto:
> imagine
> playing a flash game

My point is just that motion-eye coordination is harder than other tasks
and distracting the eye during this is not wise. While you are playing a
flash game perhaps the last thing you want is to read a notification.
Otoh, it is obvious that when one stops moving he start
reading/watching/thinking. However notifications need to be displayed
soon or later. If one can manage to get a notification inbetween writing
and thinking it's not going to be so harmful.

Let me rephrase it: if you are looking the screen because you want to
see what you are doing with your hands, then trying to grab your eyes to
another area of the screen will not be nice.

Doing notifications "at random" like now, is going to interrupt you in
both cases.

Anyways I also second the idea of trying to guess the user's attention
needs by the kind of active window. In my opinion both of them would be
experiments (e.g. they could be available as different choices during
alpha testing to see what's better) and the one that uses only input
events is more easily implementable. The other ones may come at a later