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Re: No more dodge windows in Unity?


For example - to drag something from the desktop? Having few fullscreen apps forces me to minimize few apps - show desktop is not an option, because then I would have to reopen all windows I need. And because of ALT-TAB delay (have to wait 0.2ms for alt-tab to show up and navigate to show desktop), I cannot easily just hide the window from someone I don't want to look on my screen. Launcher icon is far bigger than tiny "minimize". And I know where I should expect it to be.

Few real-life examples:
- I have gedit, Firefox, Thunderbird and one terminal open in maximized mode when I write code. When I have something on the desktop, instead of opening it with gedit I just minimized few apps and dragged it to gedit. Now, I have to open nautilus, navigate to "Desktop" and drag it, or open the file with Gedit's open menu (which I rarely use).

- I am playing guitar. I have Guitar Pro 6 (there's a perfect Linux version, properitary app), Libreoffice (for lyrics), Firefox (as usual), sometimes Ardour (all apps full-screen). To open a small MP3 with my friend's recording with Totem that I have on my desktop, I have to repeat steps from first point. Then I am left with new Nautilus window open.

Maybe this is a legacy feature - I agree, it doesn't bother me if I'm doing something *usual*. But there are a lot of situations where this is simply needed (recording with Ardour, working with gedit, or worse - working through VPN using rdesktop in full-screen mode. I have to constantly log out and log in if I want to check some information I have on my local computer. I realize that everyone can get used to this behaviour, but I can't understand the decision to make Unity not doing anything with focused window.

Just look at how many people complained at this on Launchpad, and imagine, that usually less than 1% of users post bug reports.

I think this could be taken into account only if Ayatana design team will realize, that not all users are using computer doing something *usual*. This, hidden launcher and not hinted (okay, slight hinting), big fonts (hinting is made to make fonts more readable on screen - aligns font to pixels on LCD and CRT displays - so I don't understand, why it's set to slight by default - makes them blurry) are biggest issue for all people I showed Unity.

And, most people come from MacOS, Windows XP, 7 or Vista - every OS supports minimizing throught their launcher, except for Ubuntu. This makes people very confused.

W dniu 2012-02-08 16:16, Michael Hall pisze:

On 02/08/2012 09:49 AM, tommy wrote:
If minimize by launcher were possible, I could simply Super+1, Super+3,
Super+7 and I'm all done having few windows I want, insted of 20 clicks
and moving mouse along the whole desktop.

I haven't had a use for minimizing windows in well over a year. Between
Unity's easy window switching and multiple workspaces, I leave open
windows I am using, and close those I'm not.

What exactly is your use case for needing to minimize a window, let
alone multiple? Maybe I'm missing something, but to me it's a legacy
feature that is only kept around because it's always been that way.

Michael Hall