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Re: Is there a reason Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right/Up/Down was disabled?


Guys consider these keyboard shortcuts instead of the currently proposed ones. these basically keep the same pattern of old (e.g., Alt+F10 maximizes window and Alt+F9 minimizes window) but instead switches ALT for SUPER. 

Alt+F10  becomes  Super+F10Alt+ F9  becomes  Super+F9

Is this workable? I prefer this to the proposed Super+Up = Maximize window and Super+Down = Restore/Minimize window
HERE'S A FULL LIST OF MY PROPOSED SHORTCUTS (For shortcuts I changed from the current Google Doc I added *** to the beginning):

Super (press) =      Open Launcher, displays shortcuts

***Super + F1             = Open Launcher keyboard navigation mode (Google Doc = Alt+F1)

Super + Tab             = Switch applications via launcher

Super + 1 to 9             = Same as clicking on a Launcher icon

Super + Shift + 1 to 9         = Open new window of the app

Super + T             = Open the Rubbish Bin


Super (Tap)            = Open the Dash home

Super + A             = Open the Dash App Lens

Super + F             = Open the Dash Files Lens

Super + M              = Open the Dash Music Lens

Ctrl +Tab             = Switches between Lenses

Cursor Keys            M = oves the focus

Enter & Return         = Open currently focused item


Alt + Tab            = Switch between applications

Alt + Grave            = Switch windows of current application

Cursor Left or Right        = Moves the focus

HUD and Top Bar:

Alt (Tab)            = Open the HUD

Alt (Press)            = Reveals application menu

Alt + F10             = Open the indicator menu

Cursor Left or Right        =  Moves focus between indicators


Super + W               = Spreads all windows in the current workspace
***Super + F12     = Horizontally maximize the current window (i.e., stretch the left and right sides of window to screen maximum)

***Super + F11     = Vertically maximize the current window (i.e., stretch the top and bottom of window to screen maximum)

***Super + F10      = Maximise the current window (Google Doc = Super+Up)

***Super + F9        = Minimise the current window (Google Doc = Super+Down)

***Super + F8       = Move the current window

***Super + F7        = Move the current window to the "right half" of the screen

***Super + F6       = Move the current window to the "left half" of the screen

***Super + F5       = Restore the current window (Google Doc = Super+Down)

***Super + F4       = Resize the current window

***Super + F3      = Minimize ALL windows (Google Doc = Super+D)

***Super + F2      = Run command (or Alt+F2)

***Super + F1     = activate "Launcher Keyboard Navigation Mode " (Google Doc = Alt+F1)

Alt + F4             Close current window

Alt + Space            Opens window accessibility menu

Ctrl + Alt + Num        Places window in corresponding positions on the screen

Alt + Left Mouse Drag        Move window

Alt + Middle Mouse Drag    Resize window


Super + S            Spread workspaces

***Super + Alt + Cursor Keys     = Switch workspaces  (Google Doc = Super+Shift)

***Super + Shift + Alt + Cursor Keys    = Move focused window to different workspace  (Google Doc = Super + Alt)

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