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Re: Is there a reason Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right/Up/Down was disabled?


Le 28/02/2012 02:30, nick rundy a écrit :
Guys consider these keyboard shortcuts instead of the currently proposed ones. these basically keep the same pattern of old (e.g., Alt+F10 maximizes window and Alt+F9 minimizes window) but instead switches ALT for SUPER.

Alt+F10  becomes  Super+F10
Alt+ F9  becomes  Super+F9

Is this workable? I prefer this to the proposed Super+Up = Maximize window and Super+Down = Restore/Minimize window

HERE'S A FULL LIST OF MY PROPOSED SHORTCUTS (For shortcuts I changed from the current Google Doc I added *** to the beginning):
Super (press) =  Open Launcher, displays shortcuts
****Super + F1 = *Open Launcher keyboard navigation mode *(Google Doc = Alt+F1)*
agree on this
Super + Tab  = Switch applications via launcher
Super + 1 to 9  = Same as clicking on a Launcher icon
Super + Shift + 1 to 9  = Open new window of the app
Super + T  = Open the Rubbish Bin

Super (Tap) = Open the Dash home
Super + A  = Open the Dash App Lens
Super + F  = Open the Dash Files Lens
Super + M  = Open the Dash Music Lens
Ctrl +Tab  = Switches between Lenses
why? tab already switch between lenses (and shift-tab switch reverse).

Cursor Keys M = oves the focus
Enter & Return  = Open currently focused item

Alt + Tab = Switch between applications
Alt + Grave = Switch windows of current application
Cursor Left or Right = Moves the focus

*HUD **and Top Bar:*
Alt (Tab) = Open the HUD
Alt (Press) = Reveals application menu
Alt + F10  = Open the indicator menu
Cursor Left or Right =  Moves focus between indicators

Super + W  = Spreads all windows in the current workspace
****Super + F12 = *Horizontally maximize the current window (i.e., stretch the left and right sides of window to screen maximum)* ***Super + F11 = *Vertically maximize the current window (i.e., stretch the top and bottom of window to screen maximum)*
***Super + F10 = *Maximise the current window*(Google Doc = Super+Up)
***Super + F9 = *Minimise the current window *(Google Doc = Super+Down)
***Super + F8 = *Move the current window*
***Super + F7 = *Move the current window to the "right half" of the screen*
***Super + F6 = *Move the current window to the "left half" of the screen*
***Super + F5 = *Restore the current window *(Google Doc = Super+Down)
***Super + F4 = *Resize the current window*
***Super + F3 = *Minimize ALL windows *(Google Doc = Super+D)
***Super + F2 = *Run command (or Alt+F2)*
***Super + F1 = *activate "Launcher Keyboard Navigation Mode " *(Google Doc = Alt+F1)*

Alt + F4 Close current window
Alt + Space Opens window accessibility menu
Ctrl + Alt + Num Places window in corresponding positions on the screen
Alt + Left Mouse Drag Move window
Alt + Middle Mouse Drag Resize window

Super + S Spread workspaces
****Super + Alt + Cursor Keys = *Switch workspaces* (Google Doc = Super+Shift) ***Super + Shift + Alt + Cursor Keys = *Move focused window to different workspace *(Google Doc = Super + Alt)*

I'm all for the centralization of WM shortcuts on super, most software doesn't use it, so it does'nt create much conflicts (probably with emacs, but who doesn't conflict with it?), but the recent changes about moving windows and viewport are broken.

I think super+arrows to change viewport would make more sense, but one would need to fix the issue with the shortcut overlay. Moving windows with grid should either back to the old configuration, or switch to something with super+control or super+alt (easier to do than super+shift).