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Re: Potential Blocks and Potential Particles - Documentation


Hi Chia,

I hope that Jan could fix basic.py, because he has written it :)

If you execute command `grep Gl1_PotentialParticle . -r` you will find that 
polyhedra display is in ./pkg/common/Gl1_PotentialParticle.cpp

Actually by fiddling around in GUI → Display → Gl1_PotentialParticle
I saw that after reducing the marching cube size the display can
speed up a little bit.

I tried locally commenting out //TRVAR3(…) and the examples start to
look a bit better. After toggling GUI → Display → bound, at least
boxes are shown.

I never used paraview that much actually. Are PotentialParticles drawn
properly there? Using those a,b,c,d arguments? Then perhaps we could
have a look at the code how they are being drawn. That could help to
speed up drawing without marching cubes.

If paraview can draw them, then what name paraview uses for them?
Maybe I can find this code with command `grep TheirName . -r` in the
paraview source code. They have BSD license and creative commons in
some parts. So we can use their code without any problems :)

best regards

Chia Weng Boon said:     (by the date of Tue, 22 Jan 2019 21:38:48 +0800)

> Hi Janek,
> Thanks for checking.
> TRVAR3 - I didn't realise that this was uncommented in KnKsPhysPB my
> commit.
> basic.py - I couldn't recall how the file came about.
> I just submitted another pull request, uncommenting TRVAR3 and removing
> basic.py
> I use ParaView for display, and the vtk files would appear in the vtk
> folder.
> Can someone lead me to the file for polyhedra display in YADE? Maybe I can
> try to get the display to work in qt.  I can't recall how I made it work
> for Potential Particles in qt.  At one point in time, I always playing with
> marching cubes..but it used too much memory and the rendering was not very
> nice.
> HI all,
> Thanks for your suggestions.  I will look into the rst file.
> Yours,
> Boon

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