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Re: Potential Blocks and Potential Particles - Documentation


On 1/22/19 2:38 PM, Chia Weng Boon wrote:

Can someone lead me to the file for polyhedra display in YADE? Maybe I can try to get the display to work in qt.  I can't recall how I made it work for Potential Particles in qt.  At one point in time, I always playing with marching cubes..but it used too much memory and the rendering was not very nice.

I don't know the marching cube method but if potential blocks are Minkowski sums of polyhedra and spheres - as I think they are, then it should be enough to combine existing functors since that's exactly how PFacet polyhedra are displayed. And it should be efficient.
Let me know.
See the figures in [1], they are from yade GUI for most of them.

[1] https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0266114415001235

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