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Re: Potential Blocks and Potential Particles - Documentation


On 1/24/19 8:07 PM, Janek Kozicki wrote:

Actually PotentialParticles are not Minkowski sums. [...] he adds x^2+y^2+z^2-R^2 to this
formula. This means that he is adding a sphere to this formula, and
all the shapes suddenly look like cushions with soft corners instead
of polyhedral Minkowki sums.

What you describe seems to be what I called Minkowski sum (polyhedron + sphere). It boils down geometrically to a set of spheres, cylinders, and planar faces. That's what we have with PFacets. You can see an example with examples/pfacet/mesh-pfacet.py (note that the edges are not sharp).


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