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Re: problem with running yade


> Loading from : /home/tal/YADE/lib/yade/ yade-extra/
> Loading from : /home/tal/YADE/lib/yade/ yade-guis
> Loading from : /home/tal/YADE/lib/yade/ yade-libs/
> Loading from : /home/tal/YADE/lib/yade/ yade-package-common/
> Loading from : /home/tal/YADE/lib/yade/ yade-package-dem/
> Loading from : /home/tal/YADE/lib/yade/ yade-package-fem/
> Loading from : /home/tal/YADE/lib/yade/ yade-package-lattice/
> Loading from : /home/tal/YADE/lib/yade/ yade-package-mass-spring/
> Loading from : /home/tal/YADE/lib/yade/ yade-package-realtime-rigidbody/
> load unsuccesfull :
> /Couldn't load everything, some stuff may work incorrectly/
> // 
> As you can see I don't have the long list of the unsuccesfull loading, 
> still something wrong, maybe you have any clue ?

(I assume that the spaces in the listing are not real)

Why do you add /usr/local/bin if you install to /home/tal/YADE?

Again, the 0.10 version has AFAIK no way of debugging this, save for going 
to the source. Use the SVN version. (Well, maybe someone ELSE may give you 
an advice, but I can't - sorry).

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