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Re: all yade users, please introduce yourself!


> I am still using the yade.0.11.1 (the version that require compile
> QGLViewer separately), because I never have time to keep up with the
> SVN with so many daily changes, especially changing class names or
> function names

This is one of the reasons you should have your code in subversion,
since every time I do some changes, I am trying (of couse not always
suvccessful) to modify in the right way all the code affected.

I hope Kien is reading this also, because he addressed the same issue
(of frequently changing code) at the WhoIsDoingWhat page.

Nothing to do about that if your code sits in your computer.

> the most important thing for me is to get a correct solution for a
> specific problem

All users are on the same boat: no one is paid just for development,
without needing results (including me). OTOH, thinking of immediate
results all the time will kill the project quite soon. There must be
some balance between long-term development and results here and now; we
are all trying to learn how to make that compromise.

Howgh ;-)



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