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Re: Elastic energy


> To conclude, I suppose that this formula:
> 	plasticDissipation +=
> 	((1/currentContactPhysics->ks)*(trialForce-shearForce))//plastic disp.
> 	.dot(shearForce);//active force
> is correct only when plasticDissipation increases. But totally
> ignores the case when it decreases.

Dissipation means that the energy is "lost" (in the mechanical sense),
and it can never decrease (since our computation is puerely mechanical).
How do you think it decrease? E.g. if you slide 2 spheres back and
forth, then each cycle dissipates energy, which will never come back.

(It an interaction is broken, then it is a different issue, i.e. that
dissipated energy of broken interactions should be saved somehow, since
otherwise we lose the number).